Friday, July 18, 2008

The Fountain

This past Sunday I watched a movie called "The Fountain". It was serendipity that I happened to check this particular movie out of the library and watch it the day before my deceased father's birthday. The movie was breathtakingly beautiful. It was about death and rebirth - how in many ways these things are interconnected. While this week has been a difficult one for me personally, as the first anniversary of my father's death approaches, Liam has been quite a godsend through it all.

Liam has been exceptionally chatty. He is trying out all sorts of new words now. Sometimes he parrots them back at us, other times he tries using them on his own. He has been particularly fond of the word "no" lately. He started saying it for the first time about two weeks ago. But now he is using it to assert his independence and will. He has also been signing a lot. He signs a song that includes the words "car", "beep-beep", and "go"...I'm not quite sure if this is a song that he learned at school or one that he made up himself. Whenever I complement him on his singing he laughs and gives me a great big smile.

The weather has been brutally hot the past few days, so Wednesday night we decided to go to the water park with dinner. I made a few things at home and we picked up some more grub at the neighborhood market. Of course Liam was too excited about playing in the splash pad to eat his off we went to get wet. I called our friends Alissa and Ashtyn and they were able to join us there. We also ran into Caden and his mommy and daddy. We knew Caden from the Great Start play groups that we used to go to before I started working full time. After Liam got his fill of playing in the water, he shared part of Ashtyn's burrito. By the time we left it was getting quite cloudy and looked like it would storm. Thankfully for mommy and daddy Liam fell asleep before the bad weather arrived.

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