Sunday, July 27, 2008

Road Trip

Friday and Saturday were pretty much taken up by a yard sale and various chores. But Liam was ecstatic to see his grandma pull into the driveway on Saturday morning. She hung out with us during the yard sale and then helped us take what was left to be donated. Afterwards, Mommy made a picnic dinner to take to Potter Park. The weather was beautiful and Liam could hardly wait to play on the playground in the picnic area. He could climb up to the big tornado slide just like the older kids...but it was more fun to have grandma pick him up! Liam played for a little while and then we walked over to the zoo entrance. We had planned to go to the zoo after dinner, but they closed just as we came to the gates. Bummer, we went home instead. We were all pretty tired from a day of hard work anyway.

On Sunday we decided to take a road trip to Grand Rapids and go to the John Ball Zoo. It is our favorite zoo in Michigan. Even though it isn't very big, it has great exhibits and a beautiful, parklike setting. We took a slightly different path than usual and started out at the Australian animals exhibit. Liam spent much of him time playing on the wooden train (big surprise). Eventually we persuaded him to go pet some goats and sheep. We also found a chicken who was willing to let us hold her. Liam got to feed a budgie in the aviary. He also put his hands in the water with baby stingrays. Liam had a potty break while we were in the aquarium building - that was only the second time he used a public toilet and he did very well! We got a small glimpse of the Lions in the new African exhibit area. And petted some more goats; this time, noisy African pygmy goats. Mommy's back was hurting and the day was getting pretty hot, so we decided to head home before we saw all of the zoo. We'll just have to come back again some time! What a fun road trip with grandma!

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