Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Reconneted to the world wide web...

Yesterday our dsl service was finally connected. Now I can update you on life with Liam. It has been busy, as always. Liam is really a mover and a shaker now. He can run, walk backwards, dance in circles, and stamp his feet. Consequently, it is getting harder and hard to take pictures of him. Hence, this shot of him scurrying away from me in our recently (mostly) unpacked office.

Last weekend we took a nice road trip around central Michigan. We stopped at a local tourist trap, Uncle John's Cider mill. It was complete craziness, but we stayed just long enough to get a shot of Liam sitting on this huge pumpkin. While we were out and about we spotted a place that builds sheds and other out-buildings. Sean wanted to take a look at their sheds. Liam and I played in this Victorian playhouse. Liam had so much fun that he didn't want to go home!

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