Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baking Bliss?

The past few days I have been cooking and baking up a storm of my own in the kitchen. The result is a few good recipes, a few failed recipes, and a mountain of dirty dishes (with no dishwasher but myself). I have resolved to use paper plates for the family Christmas party this weekend (I know...I go to all of the trouble of washing cloth diapers only to fill the landfill with paper plates. But my hands are like sandpaper! No more dishes!).

Anyways, Sunday's home-cooking was bread and lasagna. I made a delightful lentil soup with homemade croƻtons on Monday. Today I made a family recipe, scalloped corn, for a potluck that Liam and I attended. I made fruitcake and shortcake cookies. I also attempted some fudge, but it came out woefully soupy. I regret to say that I ate most of it myself (at this rate I am going to gain back all the baby weight I successfully lost!).

I think Liam is a little jealous of all the time I have spent in the kitchen. So I let him "help" me stir some of the cookie batter to get him involved a little bit. I also made him a toy using an old cocoa can/lid and a bag full of pom-pons. I got the idea from one of the Great Start playgroups. I cut a whole in the plastic lid large enough to put one pom-pon in at a time. He loves playing with the pom-pons (also referred to as Tribbles in our house) and putting them in their "home". The only drawback is that I am bound to be sweeping stray tribbles up every time I vacuum the floors.

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