Friday, December 14, 2007

Tunnel Tricks

We finally received our new modem and were back online! This week Liam was busy with our usual outings. To keep him (and mommy) happy, we go to some sort of play group or activity just about every day. Monday is Tot Time at the community center. Tuesday varies because there are no structured activities to attend, so we usually make it up. Wednesday Liam is at daycare. This week I substitute taught all day on Wednesday. Thursday is Great Start playgroup in East Lansing. Friday is Great Start at the community center.

Tonight we had guests for dinner. Alissa and little Ashtyn had dinner with us and then stayed to play for a while. Liam was so happy to have Ashtyn here that he kept bringing her toys to play with. She was a little shy at first, but after dinner the kiddos had a blast. One of their favorite games was peek-a-boo in Liam's tunnel. They had such a riot that they were giggling and squealing up a storm!

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