Thursday, December 6, 2007

Guitar Strum'in

This may be my last post for a while until we get our new modem in the mail, because this is my last night of work for the semester. Today Liam and I went to our usual Great Start play group in the morning. He has so much fun at these. This time they had tempra paints out for the kiddos to use. Liam made a very nice painting. He actually held the brush and dipped it into the colors all by himself. He has such good hand-eye-coordination now.

Probably the biggest highlight of the playgroup was at the end. The facilitator brought her guitar to play during the sing-along. Liam loves the song time and will dance and clap and scream/sing. He took a real interest in the guitar and wanted to strum along while she was playing it. I am glad that he has such a love for music.

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