Sunday, December 2, 2007


Liam is such a bright and cheerful little boy. His current love is anything with wheels. He loves to play with his assorted toy cars, trucks, trains, and buses. I am constantly hearing "errmmmm"...his sound for a car engine, as he rolls it across the floor, table, or even the walls. Yesterday we saw a show on PBS about steam engines. Every time a train would roll across the screen he would point and say "train" excitedly.

Liam is a good dancer too. He spins and bobs with music whenever he hears it. He also loves to make lots of music with his toy piano and toy drum (at the same time!). He will get both of them going to serenade him while he's playing in his room.

He has started stacking blocks now. We often build bridges for his car, which he crashes into. He giggles with delight whenever I say, Crash!

Liam is quite obsessed with animals. He loves to look at his board books of animals. He knows the words for or sounds that many of the animals make. Every time he hears the neighbors dog barking he says "dog". He will also yell "kitty" or "dog" when he sees them on TV or in a cartoon.

Another cute thing that Liam does is pretend to "read" is books aloud. While he's looking at his books, he often softly babbles to himself or says "ga, ga, ga".

The only bad thing is that tantrums have gotten more numerous and dramatic. I know it's a developmental stage, but it can be exasperating, especially when were out and about. I try to ignore the stares I get from people when he's wailing as we wait in the check-out line. Even the littlest things can set him off sometimes. The other day Liam fell apart when I peeled his banana for him...sigh. His also been drooling like a fountain again. Perhaps his 2 year molars are coming in early just like his other teeth. In an article on I read that "often, being exposed to our child's raw emotions makes us feel the raw emotions that we have shoved into cold storage over the months and years." This is definitely true for me. With the stress the of past year, I sometimes find it hard to weather Liam's tantrums with him, but I'm getting better at it with time.

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