Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mommy's trip to the ER

Well, is seems that my holiday baking has caught up with particular, my gall bladder. Last night I was feeling extremely sick and nauseated all night. A pain that was all too familiar from the gall bladder attack I experience while pregnant with Liam. I think I brought on the present attack due to consuming too much chocolate in the past couple weeks.

This morning I was still feeling awful, despite the fact that I hadn't eaten anything in hours. So I called my doctor and he told me to head to the ER (definitely not what I wanted to hear!). Luckily, Sean was able to come home from work early. Liam was fairly well behaved, considering. The nurses there were super nice to him and gave him coloring pages, crayons, and a stuffed cat.

At the ER, they ran the same blood tests and ultra sounds as before and found nothing. I got sent home with a painkiller that I won't take. Meanwhile, my abdomen is still swollen and eating makes it worse. They are supposed to schedule another out-patient scan to determine whether the gall bladder is not functioning correctly...I hope it will be soon. I am really at the point of saying, "Would you please just remove it!" I am tired of dealing with this.

I did a little research on the subject of gall bladder health and it seems that may have also triggered this attack by not eating regularly enough. I have to admit that I've been skipping meals a lot during the past month. Apparently this can cause the liver to stop producing enough bile for digesting fats. And since I've been eating more fatty foods as the holiday's approach, my body can't handle it. Ugh! Now I have a house full of yummy treats that I can't eat. I can't wait till everyone comes to visit us to help the sweets disappear!

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