Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First Snow Storm (12/16/07)

As always, I am a few days behind. We have been busy with Christmas preparations. But I had to share Liam's experience with his first big snow (last Sunday). Although it was a long time coming, we did eventually get around a foot of snow over Saturday night and Sunday morning. Liam and daddy had fun watching the snow coming down.

Once the snow finally stopped, I took Liam out to play with his new sled. Of course, the snow was so deep that we were practically plowing through it with the sled, rather than over the snow. But Liam didn't seem to mind. He thought it was great fun to have the snow flying up around him as I pulled him around the backyard and down the neighborhood sidewalks. He kicked and threw the snow as it pilled onto his sled with him.

Of course after that, I let him play in the snow for a bit. He couldn't resist the temptation to eat the snow and loved crawling around in it too. He liked playing in the snow so much that he cried when I brought him in. We couldn't stay out longer though, because his little hands were frozen.

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