Saturday, December 29, 2007

Puke piles and snow drifts

This Thursday night was a rough one for the whole family, especially Liam. despite having gotten the flu shot, Liam got a real bad case of the flu and started vomiting profusely Thursday evening. I never knew such a small person could hold so much vomit! To make matters worse, he ate an entire banana before he got sick...the whole house smelled like a banana-stomach acid sundae. ICK!

Friday was pretty much a sick day. Liam looked white as a sheet. I cuddled him and eventually resumed breastfeeding (once I was sure he wasn't going to get sick again). We spent most of the day watching cartoons, which was just what the doctor ordered! I also got him to go #2 in the potty for the first time in months. He used the potty a couple times this week. Liam ate his first solids at dinner time. His meal consisted of saltines and pedi-drink. By late evening, he was starting to act like himself again. He was being silly and even started getting into things he shouldn't.

This morning he was much better, although he still has some diarrhea. He ate some pancakes for breakfast and more pedi-drink. Yesterday we got a good 5 inches of snow, maybe more. Daddy had fun trying out his new snow blower. It worked like a charm! I really wanted to take Liam out to play in the snow today, but I'm not sure he is up to being in the cold yet. If it's still around on Sunday, maybe we'll go out and play in it.

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