Friday, February 23, 2007

Daycare Decisions

Sean and I have been considering putting Liam in a daycare for one day each week so that I can have more time to work on my dissertation. The past couple days we have been checking out a local daycare that was recommended to us. Last night we went for our first visit. As might be expected, Sean was happy with it, but of course nothing is good enough for mommy. I wasn't too impressed upon my first visit.

I wanted to give them a chance though...I'm not against them, per se, just not thrilled with the idea of daycare in general. So this morning, we visited again and spent an hour there with the other babies. Liam had a blast crawling around and playing with all the new toys and babies. He seemed really happy there and the daycare providers were all really nice. Even though I am still anxious, I am starting to warm up to the idea of daycare. Since Liam is so social, I think that it would do him good to be in an environment with other children once in a while. If we have the time, we might stop by another daycare this evening. I'd like to check out a couple of options before we make a decision...

PS - Liam has been super smiley and happy today. He laughs at nearly everything...even me shaking my head or making faces.

PPS - This evening my new Hoppediz baby wrap came! It's a beautiful woven wrap made in Germany. I decided to order this wrap a while ago, so that I could more easily wear Liam on my back. I have a Moby wrap, but I don't feel like he's very secure in a back-carry position in this wrap. So I decided to splurge (for my birthday) and get the lovely "Montreal" Hoppediz. I can't wait to try it out tomorrow!

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