Monday, February 26, 2007

NINO and Mooville Monday

This morning Liam and I went to a meeting of the local NINO group. NINO stands for "Nine In, Nine Out" and is an organization that supports baby-wearing. At the meeting were babies and toddlers of all ages, sizes, and mobilities. It was total chaos!...Liam loved it. He played with some of the babies his size, while the larger more mobile babies ran off with his toys. I got to show off the mei tai that I sewed a couple months ago and see how some of the other asian-style carriers worked. Before we left, I had to hunt down Liam's toys. He was pretty worn out and feel asleep on the drive home.

Later, when Liam's daddy came home, we took a drive to the country to look at a house. It turned out to be a disappointments, but we made a great little discovery in our wanderings. We found a place called Mooville Creamery. It's a dairy bar that sells all sorts of ice cream, cheese, and even meat. We enjoyed some great ice cream cones...and Liam got a chance to eat at the mommy creamery while were there. On the way home, Liam and I played peek-a-boo in the back seat.

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