Friday, February 16, 2007

Teething Bites, Part II

Liam's front lower incisors have been coming all the way in and during the past couple of days he's been a little crabby. No doubt his gums are pretty sore. He's also been chewing on me more than I would like. He's only bit me a couple times...boy does it hurt! But what hurts even more is the way he'll squeeze my breast as he's eating. I guess it helps him get the milk out faster (he's always been a voracious eater). Liam's daddy keeps threatening that the "mommy food" may disappear if he continues to be so rough while eating. I'll keep working through it though, because I am committed to breast feeding for at least a year. The cool thing about teething is that his grin is getting toothy. I love to see his little teeth when he smiles real big.

We also seem to be going through another spurt of separation anxiety. He cries when I leave his sight, even for a moment. I'm not sure if it has do with nap time trauma, or if it's his teething discomfort, or maybe just a normal developmental stage. I hope that things will improve because I need to be able to leave him with daddy in the evenings so that I can continue work on my dissertation.

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