Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Zoo Trip

Liam was in better spirits today, after a lot of baby-wearing and attention from mommy and daddy. Today was unusually warm and sunny for February, so we celebrated by going to the local zoo. Our favorite exhibit, the coral reef tanks, were closed for remodeling, but we did get to enjoy the primates, big cats, birds, and reptiles. Liam had the most fun in the primate house watching the mongoose lemurs romp around. That's my little anthropologist! After all he heard me lecture an entire semester of Biocultural Evolution in utero. I tried to capture both Liam and a lemur in the's a little out of focus though. We definitely look forward to more warm, sunny days for more fun outings!

PS - A special thanks to grandma and grandpa Evans, for the box of goodies that we received from them today. Liam is quite the clothes-horse now!

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