Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Out with "Cry-It-Out"

Ok...for the past week we have been working with Liam to get him to take naps without being rocked or nursed asleep. I've heard and read that babies will typically "learn" to settle down and sleep after just a few days of "crying-it-out" and that they should cry for less time with each try. However, my son is SO stubborn that he will continue to cry unabated for hours. And instead of crying for shorter times each day, he would go longer and longer and longer. I certainly gave it the old college try...we continued the experiment for a week and still no luck. Sorry mom!

All I seemed to have accomplished is:
1) Make Liam afraid of his crib (now he cries whenever I put him in his crib).
2) Make him anxious about me leaving (he also cries when I leave his sight).
3) He no longer sleeps through the night.
4) He is irritable and resists naptime or falling asleep.

None of these things were problems before. So now I have to repair the damage I did and somehow gain his trust back. Suggestions anyone? I can't even rock him to sleep and then put him in his crib anymore. He wakes immediately and starts sobbing. He refused to sleep all day yesterday and very little last night. In a fit of desperation at 3am, I even resorted to taking him for a drive (something I haven't done since he was a newborn). I had to rock him to sleep three times this morning and then lay him in his playpen in order for him to nap.

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Kathleen said...

What can I say, we all know Liam hasn't followed the 'norm' since he was born.