Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Down with RSV

The past week Liam has not been sleeping well at night. At first we thought it might be from the sleep-training debacle, then we thought it was teething, but yesterday I realized that he was probably ill when he started getting diarrhea. We saw his doctor today and found out that Liam has RSV. I guess it's a nasty respiratory virus that has been going around. He must have picked it up at one of our daycare visits or playdates from the past week. The doc say we just have to wait it out and give him Tylenol as needed. Hopefully, it'll run it's course in the next few days. Otherwise, Liam seems to be doing fine. Everywhere I went today people have said, "He such a happy baby!" Liam does smile a lot! :)

Before our trip to the doctors office, we also stopped in and signed up for the daycare center that we decided on. Liam will officially start daycare on March 14th. We will plan on taking him for a half day to start and then eventually for a full day.

PS - Liam tried carrots for the first time today. Yummmy!

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