Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fun in the November Sun

Anyone who knows Michigan, knows that we don't see a lot of sun in the fall and winter. But we were lucky enough to have two mild and somewhat sunny days this week. Monday started out rainy and gray. Liam had his first dental appointment in the morning. It went pretty smoothly and Liam actually let them take a look at his teeth. He has 16 teeth in already!

After or trip to the dentist, we decided to take a trip to Grand Rapids to visit the John Ball Zoo, since daddy had the day off work. We took Liam to this zoo for the first time last fall and we really liked it. Even though it was kind of off season, we thought it would be a fun outing. While some of the animals were inside for the winter, we saw quite a few. Some of Liam's favorite were the penguins, fishes, farm animals, Bengal tiger, pygmy goats, and spider monkeys. Unfortunately, my aging camera didn't save some of the pictures to disk, so a few were lost. But here are a couple of the ones that did save.

Tuesday was an even nicer day. I took Liam to a couple local parks to collect pine cones for our Christmas tree decorations. Liam got very excited and every time I handed him a pine cone he would inhale in excitement and put it into the bag he was carrying. We also walked down to the river and looked at the water. When we came home, Liam helped me knock the bugs out of the pine cones. When daddy came home from work, we took a stroll down to the library and playground. Liam loves to swing!

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