Monday, November 5, 2007

French Food and Flower Gardens

We started our weekend in Fort Wayne by going to the local $1 theater with my mom on Friday night. I hate spending a lot for movie tickets, especially when I don't know if Liam will sit still for 15 minutes, let alone an hour! So the $1 theater seemed like a safe bet and they were playing Ratatouille. Surprisingly, Liam sat still and stayed awake through the whole thing! It was a really cute movie, although there were a couple of kinda scary scenes.

Saturday we went to PentaCon with my sister (see below).

Sunday, we went to the Botanical Gardens. We arrived a few minutes before it opened, so we took a stroll around downtown. Thankfully, it was such a lovely and sunny day. We stopped for lunch at our favorite gyro restaurant. Liam ate a super yummy spinach pie. Once in the gardens, Liam had fun looking at (and carrying away) all the pumpkins they had on display. He really liked the waterfall in the rainforest exhibit. Mommy had to coax him into a play tunnel that ended with a slide...this meant that I had to crawl down the tunnel with him...Ohhh, the crazy things you do for your children!

What a busy weekend! It's no surprise that Liam slept well on the drive home.

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