Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kick me when I'm down.

I've been struggling with what to post about life lately. I grew up hearing "if you can't say something nice, then don't say anything". Hence, my lack of posts lately...life has really been hitting me and my family hard. Sometimes it can be a reach to say anything positive, even when Liam is just as cute and funny as ever, because of all the other crap that's flying about. So I'm giving up on being positive and just getting some stuff off my chest.

It's bad enough that my father died out of the blue this summer. But the fates decided that they had more in store for us. In the past month I learned that my mother's little brother (my uncle) has lymphoma. Ok...take a deep breath. Maybe there is a curse on people named Michael or something. THEN...my mother found out that she has colon cancer after a routine check-up. This is her second go at cancer. The first time was seven years ago and resulted in a full hysterectemy. This time the doctors are calling for surgery again, and my mother is understandibly nervous about another major surgery.

After someone close to you dies suddenly, it's normal to have irrational thoughts that other people in your life will die suddenly. You start to feel like nothing is safe. You tell yourself that these thoughts are irrational until everything goes to total shit like it is. As if all the people around me being sick wasn't enough, even my cars decided that this was best time to run amuck too. On top of that, when I visited my doctor yesterday for a ear ache, he told me that he suspects I have kidney stones...more good news!

Sigh...that's why I say life is kicking me while I'm down.

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