Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wednesday Musings

This morning while Liam and I were going through our usual morning activities, Liam brought me one of his farm animal board books. He opened it to the cow page and said, "Cow, mooo". I don't think I ever been more proud of him (except when we went poopoo in the potty for the first time)! His verbal skills have been expanding by leaps and bounds in the past week. While visiting grandma he seemed to be more expressive than usual...perhaps he was trying to impress. Yesterday he heard our neighbor's dog barking and said "dog". He also pointed to the elephant painting in his room and tried to make an elephant trumpeting-sound. Other words that he has used pretty consistently are "more", "mom", "daddy", "kitty", "teddy", "bear", "GOat", and "up". He also growls like a bear, roars like a tiger, says "ruf-ruf" like a dog, and meows like a cat.

I took Liam to daycare today. When I got home I washed all the dishes that had been pilling up in my sink...I sure do miss having a dishwasher. After I finished, I was looking out my back door and happened to see a squirrel with a double chin. Yes, a double chin! This guy was not just fat, but rotund. Even his little squirrelly arms were fat! He was so big in fact, that I doubt he could have climbed a tree. He was busily digging around in the mulch looking for more nuts...I'm sure he's the one who ate my daffodil bulbs.

This afternoon I finally ventured my first try at making yogurt. I've been saying for months that I would do it, but just haven't had the time to look up how it was done and just do it! So I checked its progress a few minutes ago and it looked extremely lumpy - more like cottage cheese than yogurt. Now this could be because 1) its not done yet, 2) I didn't mix my "starter" yogurt into the milk well enough, or 3) I have indeed made cottage cheese and not yogurt. There are so many variables unaccounted for...perhaps I added the starter before the milk had cooled enough. I guess I'll check it again in the morning and hope for the best. Who knows what kind of culinary creation I end up with!?

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