Tuesday, July 3, 2007

11 Months on the 3rd of July!

Liam turned 11 months old today! It's hard to believe that its only one short month till his first birthday. He got to spend the day at the lake at grandma Kathie and grandpa Michael's cottage (where we are vacationing this week). We arrived yesterday afternoon. Today we all slept in till 7:30am - yes, that's sleeping in for us! After breakfast we took a short trip to Shelton's fireworks to get some fountains for Liam's first fourth celebration.

Daddy got some bags of sand for Liam to play in. We spent part of the afternoon goofing around in the sand. We also took a short swim in the lake. Liam loves the water! Mommy and daddy put in the dock while Liam napped.

We had dinner out at Pizza King. I shared part of my calzone with Liam and he loved it! When we got home, Liam and I took a short paddle on the lake. We saw three different species of turtles, many dragonflies, a heron, and a carp. Liam wanted to paddle too just like mommy!

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