Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Last Day of July

This morning Liam slept in till almost 8am! That almost never happens. Then we made a trip to the local thrift store. They always have a half-off sale on the last Tuesday of the month. I love getting clothes for Liam for pennies! I also got some T-shirts to transform into a rug for Liam's room. Liam had a blast pushing the shopping cart around the store. The rest of the afternoon was pretty low-key. It was too hot to outside, so we hug out at home with the AC on.

In the evening, grandma Kathie came up to join us on our second look at a couple houses in the running. Liam has a ball running around in the houses. We decided that we'll make an offer on one, since the last offer didn't go through :(. When we finally got home, Liam sat down with some of his toys to play. Grandma and I were astonished to see that he was pulling rings off and placing them back on his stacker toy! He suddenly picked up that skill from somewhere. Pretty cool.

PS-I almost forgot until I looked back at the photos for today...Liam ate his first ear of sweet corn today! (Added 8/5/07)

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