Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Steps and stuff

Here's some various goings on from the past two days. Yesterday Liam tried to walk a few times. He can only take about 1 1/2 or 2 steps at a time before falling, but he's working on it. In the evening while playing, he kept emptying his toy baskets, flipping them over, and crawling on top of them. It was really silly to watch and he was so pleased with himself. He also got to play with Lego Duplos for the first time. He tried to put the blocks together after he saw me fit them together. I'm always so impressed with how fast he learns! Babies are amazing!

Today on the way home from daycare he said "teddy" when I handed him is favorite teddy toy. I was so surprised! He was very happy and playful as we drove home. He even tried playing peek-a-boo with his teddy. Apparently he got a couple chances to play outside at daycare. He really loves the outdoors.

Once we came home he pulled out his basket of toys and began emptying it. But this time he was throwing his toys out! I've never seen him do this! I wonder if he learned it watching another baby at daycare? Eventually he picked up some toys and put them back inside the basket...he's starting to get the hang of putting things in. Liam also made a few more successful steps. Usually just two at a time before plopping on his bottom.

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