Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tuesday thru Thursday

Well, Liam and I have been out of town visiting family, so I'm a little behind with posts. So here is the update...

On Tuesday, my dear friend Amy came to visit us. She is a Michigan native that now lives in West Virginia (culture shock anyone?). She moved before Liam was born, so it was the first time she saw him. We spent the afternoon talking and playing with Liam. We also took a stroll around the neighborhood together. Liam showed off his burgeoning walking skills and was quite the ham. I also saw him play catch with Amy. That's the first time I've seen him toss a ball back and forth!

Wednesday Liam was in daycare through the morning and afternoon. He had a good day there and was voted the "best baby" by the daycare workers. Apparently he also tried kiss one of the daycare workers on the mouth. How cute! (He usually thinks its a game and laughs when I try to kiss him.) After daycare, Liam and I drove down to Indiana to visit with my parents. When we arrived Liam was super excited to be in a new place. He loves their pet cats and birds. He got lots of snuggles from grandma and grandpa before going to bed.

Thursday was packed with lots of action. In the morning, Liam got to play with grandpa and auntie Rae. Then we met Janne Buesching, another old friend, for lunch along with auntie Rae. Liam was pretty well behaved during lunch. Afterwards we headed to Science Central to look at the new exhibit of the Buesching Mastodon. The exhibit was really nice! Liam even got to play with some of the interactive parts of the exhibit. The rest of the day was filled with errand running and such. I discovered this evening that Liam has his lower molars coming in too. That's six teeth now! Poor guy!

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