Wednesday, July 4, 2007

1st 4th

Liam had quite a big day for his first fourth. We spent the morning playing at the cottage. Auntie Rae came up to visit with all of us today. Then we visited with Sean's aunt Beth and uncle Rick in the afternoon. They live at another lake nearby. aunt Barb and the other uncle Rick were also there too. Liam got to dip his feet in the water with great-aunt Beth, but had the most fun chasing the neighbor's dog and getting doggy kisses. Uncle Rick took us out for a ride in his big bass boat. Liam loved the wind on his face.

This evening Liam played with auntie Rae in the sand while mommy made ice cream. After dinner (Liam ate some hamburger and mac n'cheese) daddy and auntie Rae put on some fireworks (nothing big mind you, only fountains and sparklers this year) for the family. Liam was a little unsure at first, but when we started clapping and cheering, he realized it was ok and got excited too.

Liam's mood has been somewhat cantankerous the past several days. I found out why yesterday evening when I noticed his seventh tooth showing through him gums. Today the eight one was visible. Another two teeth!

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