Friday, July 13, 2007

Holy Molar!

Last night, while brushing Liam's teeth, I noticed that he has a molar coming in on his upper right side. Judging by how far it's out, it must have started coming in about the same time as his last incisors. Poor guy, no wonder he's been in a bad mood. I suppose it's time to buy some more baby Tylenol. He was especially cranky yesterday and refused to nap. By late afternoon he finally took a two hour nap (and boy did we both need it!). The only problem is that he wouldn't sleep in his crib and ended up napping in our bed.

Liam is also growing like a weed right now. Everybody always complains about how much teenagers eat, but this toddler is eating me out of house and home! The only thing that makes toddlers easier to manage is there size. I just can't keep the food coming fast enough for him though. Not to mention all the nursing he still does too. Last night our realtor mentioned that Liam had grown since he saw him last...and that was a little over a week ago!

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