Sunday, July 8, 2007

The week's events...

As you can see from the previous posts, Liam had quiet a busy week. We enjoyed our vacation! But they always end too soon. :( Now for some of Liam's assorted accomplishments.

Liam took a few steps here and there, while trying to get into mischief in the cottage. He has also learned a new and rather annoying strategy for getting what he wants: screaming! My poor parents were very patient with him as Sean and I struggled to show him other ways of communicating. His vocabulary is pretty small and only includes three words used on a regular basis: daddy, mama, and dede (his word for pacifier). Liam continued to sign "more" this week and started signing "milk" for the first time too! I'm sure some of his screaming also had to do with the eruption of two more teeth this week.

Liam and I took a couple more paddles around in the lake on Thursday and Friday. I think he enjoys it even if he hates wearing his lifejacket. He tries to hold the paddle with me and likes to look at the lily pads in the water.

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