Sunday, October 21, 2007

Apple Butter Festival

The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous this weekend. Unfortunately, we spent much of our time working on the house and at the home improvement store, so we didn't get to enjoy as much as we should have. But Liam and I did manage to go to the Apple Butter Festival this afternoon. Unlike last year, when we had to wear heavy coats and hats, this year we just wore light shirts.

After buying the obligatory apple butter, we briefly ran into our friends Alissa and Ashtyn before heading for a walk on the trails. We didn't walk too far, but Liam sure had a great time. He had to explore every interesting log and rock on the side of the trail. I took lots of cute photos...aren't we just two ragamuffins!

I also reflected on how much Liam has changed since our first trip to the festival last year. Then he was just a couple months old...a tiny baby. We took him for a walk on the trails in a stroller. We were still struggling with his GERD and he was very colicky because of it. Now he is a little person, running and playing and exploring the how time flies!

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