Saturday, October 27, 2007

Liam's Playspaces

About a month ago I ran across a great thread on about play spaces for your little ones. It got me thinking about what I wanted to do for Liam in our new house. We went from around 700 sqft to 1200 sqft, so we finally had room enough to give him places to play throughout the house. He has a place to play in nearly every room. His bedroom has this great overhang that makes a natural play space. We found a cute "road map" rug at IKEA that perfectly fit the space and then added cubbies from an auction and a shelf that we salvaged. I still want to paint clouds on the walls and hang some curtains to really enclose the play area and make it more fun.

Our dinning room is quite big (compared to the 8 by 10 ft one we had in the old place), so I made a play/reading nook for Liam in one corner. He has a bookshelf with toys and plenty of soft and board books to look at. There is a little rug for him to sit on and a rocking chair to cuddle in.

In the living room Liam has several baskets of toys under the couch. He can pulls these out any time. It's also a great place to store his toy truck and pound-a-peg toy. The baskets make picking up really easy that even Liam will help sometimes!

Our office is fascinating to Liam, but can be a dangerous place too. I made another reading/play nook on this small futon. He has his own basket of books here too.

Once I finish his play kitchen Liam will also have a place to play in there as well. Hopefully I can get that project done before Christmas. I am also making play food out of felt and fabric scraps.

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