Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dog's on Fire.

Well the weather is officially COLD here. We went from record highs to below normal temps in just one day. The first couple days we decided to tough it out and not turn the heat on...just in case the warm weather returned. But, alas, no warm weather. So we turned the heat on. Now the previous owners had five, yes, FIVE dogs and they must not have been big on sweeping or any sort of cleaning for that matter, 'cause we filled our shop vac with dog hair from the heating vents when we first moved in. Even with all that sweeping, it still smelled like burning dog when the heat kicked in. Yuk!

Liam has had a bit of a cold and now I have it too. But, we are otherwise fine. Thursday Liam and I spent a couple hours at the Fenner Nature Center interpretive building. It was too cold to walk on the trails, but the had all sorts of fun things to look at and play with in the building. Liam liked watching the turtles and playing with their puppets. We also met a 2-year old toddler and his mommy there. Liam beg quite a few of their raspberries off of them.

Friday was a crawlers gathering at the birth center. I am definitely realizing that Liam is too big for these. Some of us with toddlers made plans for an alternative meeting place. I think the second crawlers group in October will be our last. I will sure miss our times there!

Saturday was the Mom2mom sale in Haslett. Alissa and I split a table. There was a pretty good crowd and I was happy with what I sold. I also did a little shopping while I was there. I purchased a out-door swing and also a little basketball/baseball toy for Liam. Overall, I retrained myself from getting more.

Saturday night, our friend and former neighbor, Chris, came over for lasagna dinner. Chris brought a chocolate bar for Liam. I wasn't too pleased with the idea of him eating chocolate, but he loved it. Unfortunately, he started burping up chocolate later and even spit up some of it. :( Today Liam and I played a lot while daddy painted with Chris.

Liam has such a sense of humor now and has been doing a lot of really amazing things lately. He thinks it's funny to give me a kiss and tries to do it every chance he gets. On Thursday night he picked up his dinner plate and blew on it too cool it off. Yesterday he pointed to the ghost on a Halloween blanket that I have setting out. I told him it was a ghost and that ghosts say "Boooo". He then pointed at the ghost again and said "Go, booo." Today he grabbed my hankie and pretended to blow into it. Later he pointed to a picture of an erupting volcano that is on his play rug. I told him it was a volcano and that the volcano was going "boom". He repeated me and later pointed to it and said "boom" again.

It is such a relief that he is communicating again. He's been boycotting signing as of late and even refuses to use a sign for "milk". Consequently, there have been many more tantrums because we can't always figure out what he wants. I hope that this was all just temporary due to teething or something and that he is now focusing on communication once again.

PS - I almost forgot that Liam pretended to give me raspberries on my stomach this afternoon!

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