Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Assorted Activities

Well, I have no excuse for my belated posting other than a hectic life. The past few nights Liam has been extremely clingy and I couldn't get any time to post anything. On Monday night (when the weather was unseasonably hot) Liam even managed to kick daddy out of bed. Sean went to sleep on the couch, away from the hot and cranky toddler. Without daddy there, Liam had only me to snuggle with. I think teething is the culprit again. All 4 of his canines are coming in at once, just like his molars did two months ago. Right now both of his upper canines are poking through and the lower ones are swollen.

So to recap a little...Last Thursday was a warm and sunny day, so Liam and I spent some time outside in the backyard. We raked a little and also planted some daffodil bulbs. Liam helped dig a hole and planted one of the bulbs himself!

On Friday the family went to stay with my Aunt Jan & Uncle Scott in Goshen. They were kind enough to put us up for a couple days while I attended a conference in nearby South Bend at Norte Dame University. While I listened to boring papers and later gave a boring presentation of my own, Liam and daddy played in my aunt and uncle's large yard, went for walks around the neighborhood, went yard sale shopping, and also went to Potawatomi Park Zoo. They claimed that the zoo was a disappointment, but I'm sure it was better than what I was doing! :)

Saturday night we drove down to Fort Wayne from South Bend. It was a long drive, but Liam held up pretty well. I entertained him by acting goofy and singing to music. We stayed the night and most of Sunday at my mom's house. My mom and I spent some time looking for some of my old toys for Liam. I was so thrilled when I found my ancient See-and-Say still working...Liam fixed that after playing with it for about 5 minutes. What a bummer! The rest of my toys faired better, however, and it was nice to see him enjoying things that I remembered playing with.

Monday Liam and I went to the Natural Family group at the birth center. He loves playing with all the babies and toddlers there and get so excited as soon as he sees the building. It will be a shame when he outgrows these play-groups.

Tuesday, we met Lisa, her daughter Lesli, Eva, and her daughter Hannah at the Potter Park Zoo. It was so much fun because all of the kiddos are now walking. Liam was racing this way and that way all over the zoo! Here you can see the three of them pausing briefly at the Ostriches (From left to right: Lesli, Liam, and Hannah). Things got really exiting at the when we went to see the baby snow leopard...he kept pouncing at the trio. Unfortunately, Liam was oblivious to the excitement because he turned around every time the leopard pounced.

Today, Liam got to paint while in the toddler room at daycare. They were making paper trees and the kiddos got to paint in cutouts of leaves. Sean picked Liam up from daycare, so I didn't get to see the finished project, but I can't wait to see it!

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