Friday, October 19, 2007

We weathered the weather.

Last night was quite a long and turbulent one. The tornado sirens went off at least a half-dozen times! Luckily, nothing touching down in Lansing, but the nearby town of Williamston wasn't so lucky. In addition to the storms, Liam and I are also weathering earaches. Now that he is a little older we are trying to wait to see if it can heal on its own before we resort to antibiotics (especially since we had so many side-effects with the antibiotics last year). So far so good.

Liam has been such a little smarty. This afternoon he said "again" when I asked him if he wanted to do another somersault. Last night he told me he was ready for "bed". He's also said "clothes" and "goat" this week too. If I could just get him to sit down and look at books with me...I know he's learning language, but I'm concerned that he might begetting behind.

He's also quite the helper. This morning he picked up Sean's socks on the floor and I asked him to put them in the laundry basket and he did. Later after I dressed him for the day, he put is jammies in his basket. He will also put his toys away in their basket (with a little encouragement). This afternoon he found his boots in the wardrobe and got them out. He brought them to me so I could put them on him. He had fun wearing them around the house. He also knew to put them away when he was done with them, just like he does with his shoes.

One last funny story. Last night Sean fed Liam some hummus. When he was done, Liam's hands were covered with hummus. I teased him when he came over to me and said "yuk, don't touch me with your sticky hands!". Liam immediately came running at me with his hands outstretched. He knew exactly what I said and was teasing me back.

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