Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Force is strong in this one.

Today while at a playgroup at the Library I heard about a trick-or-treating event in downtown East Lansing this evening. So I quickly put the finishing touches on Liam's Luke Skywalker costume and we all went out for some fun.

I was a little worried that the costume wouldn't come off very well...especially since I only invested $1 into the making of it. I used a shirt I bought at the thrift store, which I cut open and then sewed a new collar into using scraps from an old t-shirt. Then Liam wore a cream pair of fleece pants and carried Sean's toy light-saber. We got SO many compliments for the costume. Plus it helps that he is such a ham! It was gratifying to hear people laugh and remark at how cute Liam looked toddling around with his light-saber in hand. (If only I had gotten together my Leia costume!)

Liam really got into trick-or-treating. After stopping at a couple places, he quickly understood how things worked. He would get all excited and run up to the next store and even try to bypass the line of kids because he was small enough to get around them. He was VERY possessive of his bag of goodies, even though he didn't know what he was getting, he knew that they were his.

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