Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Swing Low

Yesterday afternoon was a brief return to seasonal temperatures. So the whole family spent some time outside. Daddy worked on the snowblower that we bought at a garage sale for only $10, while I installed the toddler swing that I bought last Saturday. Liam had such a great time swinging that he giggled and laughed. Later in the evening, before I headed to work, we took a walk to the library to rent some more movies. Liam had spent a good portion of the morning at the community center (where the library is) playing in the gym. On Monday's and Tuesday's they have "tot time" in the gym. You pay just a $1 per child and they can play all they want in the large gym filled with toddler toys. Liam had a blast. He found the sign-in clip board and pretended to write on the paper...it was so cute. He also liked the little bicycle they had there. Most of us mom's brought our knitting projects and got a chance to chat.

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