Monday, February 18, 2008

Crazy Sweater Pants

Last night, after Liam went to bed, I finally sewed him some sweater pants. They are made from the sleeves of old wool sweaters. I had a couple sweaters that I no longer wore, so I put them to re-use as pants for Liam. This morning I put a pair on him...I think he looks pretty cute, don't you?!

Over the weekend, grandma Kathie and auntie Rae visited us. While they were here, we went to our favorite pet store to get some fish for the 10-gal tank that we set up in the dining room. Once the fish were acclimated, we let them loose in the tank. Everyone thoroughly enjoys this great tank set up. It's very zen.

We also did a lot of thrifting over the weekend. I managed to get a nice wardrobe set for my new job. We also found a nice little set of ABC books for Liam during our shopping adventures. After grandma and Rae left, Liam missed their play and attention. He spent the rest of Sunday crawling and hanging on me like a monkey.

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