Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Yeti in my driveway?

I may have been a bit rash to bid the snow ado in my last post. It did melt quite a bit on Tuesday, but later that night I had to drive home from work in freezing rain. Wednesday it snowed and snowed and SNOWED all day long. Liam and I decided to spend a cozy day at home. By evening, poor Sean had to plow the snow just to get into the driveway. While he was out there, I happened to look out at him and he was covered in snow (it was still falling heavily) and he looked just like a Yeti! By the end of the storm nearly a foot of snow buried everything, and under that was an inch of ice. It took two pots of hot water for me to de-ice the car this morning. Yuck!

Once I finally got into the car, I took Liam to a free lead testing and information program that the county health department was sponsoring. I was relieved to hear that Liam's lead level was in the safe zone. I also got a bunch of information about how to deal with lead when remodeling in an older home.

In other news, Liam said his name for the first time on Tuesday night. Daddy told me about it this evening. He also said "video" for both Sean and I yesterday...yes, he loves his Baby Einstein videos! Liam babbles pretty much non-stop throughout the day. I feel like I need a translator half of the time! On occasion I can glean actual words out of all his sounds.

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