Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The great coat chase

I think that the time needed to get ready to go out increases exponentially with each passing month. Of course the temperatures have been excruciating single digits with below zero wind-chills, so there are a lot of layers to put on. Add to that the game Liam likes to play...making me chase him around the house to put on his shoes, coat, then hat, then mittens. By the time I have his hat on he's already taken his shoes off and we're back to square one!

Today we braved a nasty nor'easter with high winds and snow just to pick up our milk from my friends farm. While driving through the frozen countryside, with snow blowing across the open fields and road, I imagined that Siberia looked similar this time of year. Thankfully, we are back in the warmth of home now. And there is a crockpot full of chili to eat with homemade corn muffins waiting for us. Yummy!

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