Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

As a child, I always loved leap day. I had planned an interesting outing with Liam - our last weekday together before I start work next week. However the fates intervened and conspired to keep us home today. Liam woke up with a bit of the flu and had diarrhea all day. Icky! I was equally pitiful due to some minor surgery on my foot yesterday that left me with too much gauze to get my foot in a snow boot...and there is FAR too much snow on the ground to wear sandals. It is probably just as well that we stayed home...I just wish that we felt better.

We ended up paling around the house. We watched some Wallace and Gromit while snuggling on the couch, colored some animals for Liam's ABC scrapbook, sang songs, and changed lots of diapers.

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