Friday, February 8, 2008

Got Static?

I have to admit that I am too tired to write a lengthy post, so here are just a couple tidbits from today. First, I was astonished when Liam said "more snow" when it started to snow again this morning. He seems to be skipping a step in language acquisition and going straight to putting words together. What fun!

While at Great Start this morning, Liam accidentally walked into the corner of a table. He gave himself quite a shiner just above his temple. It swelled up so fast that I went to get some ice for it. Though he cried right after it happened, he didn't act like he was too badly hurt and was right back into things in a jiff.

This evening, Liam and daddy were playing with a blanket that I had just taken out of the drier. Liam's hair got so full of static that it was standing on end! We were all laughing so hard and Liam running around the room! This second picture was taken just as Liam crashed into the camera.

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