Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mommy's Birthday

Today I turned...ahem, that's none of your business! Let's just say today was my birthday!

There wasn't much time for celebrating, however. I had a busy schedule. In the morning I attempted to take Liam to story time at the local library, but that didn't go well. Instead we came home and prepared for Lindsey and Scarlet coming over. Lindsey watched Liam for me while I attended a meeting on campus. Liam slept for most of the time, but enjoyed playing with Scarlet when he got up. Scarlet had so much fun that she didn't want to leave when it was time for her to go. Liam gave her a kiss goodbye and that seemed to make her happy!

Then Liam and I went to meet our friends Eva and her daughter Hannah, and Lisa and her daughter Lesli, at the Impression 5 science museum. We had been trying to plan an outing together for some time and I was happy that it happened on my birthday. The kiddos got to explore the new toddler room at the museum. They had climbing toys, a play house, a water table, a light table, and lots of other cool toys too! Liam enjoyed it all, but especially liked splashing with the water toys. (At home he begs for a bath every day!)

After the museum it was back home for a quick dinner and then off to work for me. Whew! What a crazy day! I can't hardly believe that another year has flown by!

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