Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We all slept in this morning, but Liam was first to rise. Sean got him out of his crib - thinking that Liam would run it to the bedroom to see me. However, Liam headed straight downstairs without us, to where the Easter eggs were hidden. By the time I got dressed and went to his room to get him ready, he was already on his way back up the stairs. Luckily he didn't find his easter basket right away...he was more focused on retrieving his matchbox car that daddy made him leave downstairs the night before.

After a quick diaper change and dressing, the hunt was on. Liam followed the trail of eggs left from his room, down the stairs, through the living room and into the dining room to eventually find his basket. I took video with the camcorder, so I don't have any photos of the egg hunt. However I did take a couple pictures later, when Liam was playing with the eggs, toys, and eating peeps.

We invited our friend and former neighbor, Chris, over for Easter dinner. I prepared quite a feast for everyone, complete with a carrot cake for dessert. After dinner we watched a movie together and chatted. Chris teased and played with Liam. We had such a wonderful weekend that it flew by too fast!

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