Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Scarlet is 2!

Today is Scarlet's second birthday and Liam was invited to her big party at Caesarland (one of those pizza-play places). Liam was super excited. At first he was happy playing in the toddler area, however, he was not content for long once he saw the big-kids climbing tunnels and slides. He tried climbing up the slides, so I showed him where he was supposed to go. He started on his merry way, but soon realized that I didn't follow him in the tube and got upset. I was forced to climb in after him to coax him back out...it was kinds scary for me because I wasn't sure they were built for my weight, but I did get this cute picture.

Eventually we rounded up the kiddos and got them to the table to eat pizza, cake, and icecream and sing happy birthday to the birthday-girl. Here is Scarlet with her mommy and two aunts. Before long, all the toddlers scattered again and were back at play.

Liam and daddy navigated troubled waters in an arcade game. Daddy was such a good paddler that he got to put his name in the machine.

PS-Liam went #1 and #2 in the potty this morning!

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