Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Ides & Stuff

This Thursday we finally made it to the play group at Impression 5 Science museum. Here is Liam and daddy pretending to be eaten by the huge mouth in the entrance of the museum. We didn't spend too much time at the actual play group, because daddy discovered that a model train club meets in the basement of the museum. Liam had a ball watching the model trains running. We looked at all the scenery. Liam liked the cars on the roads and the animals in the farms.

Friday afternoon Liam came down with a fever while at daycare and I took him to the doctor after work. The verdict was a combination of ear/sinus infection and viral infection. We got antibiotics to treat the ear and were told to give him lots of liquids and Tylenol for the virus. Liam was very talkative at the doctors office and said "fish" and "crab" while looking at their saltwater fish tank.

Even though Liam was under the weather, Ashtyn's mom had made prior arrangements with me to watch Ashtyn today. Liam was happy for the company - I just hope that we didn't make Ashtyn sick. The kiddos had lots of fun doodling with Sean and playing with the toy kitchen. Because the weather was so mild, we took them for a walk in Liam's wagon. We walked down to the library, where much to my surprise, Liam was very well behaved. Perhaps it was because Ashtyn was being so nice with the books. They both picked out books for me to read to them as we sat at a little table. It was very cute. Before we walked home we stopped at the park near the library to play on the slide. Ashtyn laughed as Liam slide down and came running back up the steps to do it again.

They both took long naps after we got back home. Ashtyn's mommy, Alissa, stayed for dinner with us in the evening. She brought some yummy snacks to eat, like crab cakes. We have so much fun with our friends!

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