Saturday, March 29, 2008

Planes, trains, & automobiles

This Thursday Sean and I decided to finally bring the train table that Sean's aunt and uncle gave us up from the basement. Liam has shown so much interest in the toy trains and cars and seems more likely to play well with it than in previous months. The train table turned out to be a big hit! He played with it all evening and raced down stairs to play with it again the next morning. He learned the word "boat" as we played with the Theodore tug boats (uncle Howard also made a bay for the boats too).

Over the weekend, we had quite the Thomas marathon. Liam kept asking to watch the Thomas videos and we also saw Thomas on PBS. All the while, he played with his trains on the table. He has figured out that the train cars repel or attract each other (because of the magnets). He loves to put the train cars together to make a long train and drive it around. Sometimes he also drives the matchbox cars on the tracks too. He also likes to drive the trains under the bridges. It makes us smile to see him play so contently.

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