Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My BIG Boy!

Liam has been such a big boy lately. He has been using the potty every morning before going to school. He goes #1 every time and #2 about 60% of the time. I think is starting to realize that it is a lot easier to go in the potty then be cleaned up after pooping in a diaper. We always reward him with a sticker and lots of hugs and praise. Even daddy has gotten on board with the potty training. This morning he made Liam a "Monster Potty" video. A strange title, but it's a collection of video clips from UTube that includes a Japanese potty training cartoon followed by a bunch of monster truck movie clips. Liam seems amused by it.

Liam is continuing to use more and more words. Last week he used the words cracker, cookie, milk, and candy. His daycare teachers also told me that he loves to sort and group toys by their colors. He is also very helpful around the house and will pick up his toys if asked. Last weekend I put away his highchair. He has been eating all his meals at the table with Sean and I for the past week. I can hardly believe that he has grown up so much!

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