Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Where is my red shirt?

Today was my second day on the job and Liam's first day at daycare. Yesterday Sean stayed home with Liam because we weren't sure whether he had fully recovered from the flu. Today we decided he was well enough and I took him to school on my way to work. Apparently, Liam had so much fun a school today that he didn't want to go home when Sean came to pick him up. We found out that he had had a poopy blow-out during the day and his teachers changed his clothes. He came home wearing a shirt that was not ours (in second photo) and the red shirt he had been wearing (in first photo) was not to be found. Hmmm...this is not a good start. Liam doesn't have enough clothes to be loosing them every day. But at least he was happy!

As for me. The first day of work was kinda a disaster, because they didn't have anything ready for me...not even my employee ID#. But today things went much better and I even got a computer and a login. While it's only been two days, I think I am safe to say that our family has adapted very well to the change.

PS - Liam turned 19 months old yesterday. Such a big boy!

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