Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is spring?

Friday afternoon, before I got out of work, the snow started to fall. At first it was real light and misty, but then is started to come down pretty heavy. By the time I got out of work there was already three inches on the ground. It was very slow-going driving to daycare to pick up Liam and head home...but we eventually made it.

When we got up on Saturday morning there was about five inches on the ground. My sprouting daffodils are in the snow. Hard to believe that the first day of spring was Thursday! Nevertheless, we decided to drive down to Indiana to visit my mom at her lake cottage. We spent a very unconventional pre-easter afternoon sitting in lawn chairs in the snow around the fire pit. Other than the snow and a somewhat chilly breeze, it was actually a quite lovely and sunny day. Grandma Kathie spoiled Liam with a big basket full of fun toys. Liam's favorite were the matchbox cars.

We had a late lunch at a local Chinese restaurant, then headed to one of the many local antique stores. We all had fun browsing through the old treasures. Liam spotted all the toy cars and trucks. I found him a turtle pull-toy that I just had to get because it was like one that I played with as a kid.

Before we headed home we took a drive to look at a cottage that Sean's parents are buying. It was a really lovely place and property. The house is on a hill overlooking a small fishing lake. The purchase is pending bank approval, we hope that they get it! We had a really fun day that ended all too soon.

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