Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bee Bite

As I arrived to pick up Liam from daycare today, he got stung on his hang by a bee while playing in the playground. When it happened, I was inside getting his things. But his teacher rushed him inside, where they found me. I was told that one of the other teachers removed the stinger. So I asked his teacher to find some baking soda and gauze. I made some paste for his hand. He was very brave through it all and didn't cry too much. He wanted the paste washed off, so he washed his hands in the sink. Soon afterwards, however, he realized that it had helped ease the pain and he asked for more. I made up a bit more and then wrapped some gauze over his hand. We also borrowed an ice pack from daycare before we left.

On the way home, Liam had fun sucking on the cold ice pack - not exactly how I had intended it to be used. I also called his pediatrician's office to see if they recommended anything else, since I am severely allergic to bee stings. They told me to give him some Benadryl. I stopped to get some. He was happy to take his "medicine" (he is getting so good with words!). It must have done the trick because within a half hour he was chasing the cat around the house on all-fours (like a cat), and didn't seem to notice that his hand was a little swollen. Thankfully, it looks like he may not have inherited my allergy. What a brave little guy!

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