Saturday, August 16, 2008

Peddle Pusher

We have just been zoo crazy lately. Today we went to the Potter Park Zoo in the afternoon. Before we went, Liam talked about seeing the tiger and wanted to bring his toy tiger along with him. Little did Liam know that he was going to get such an up-close view of the tiger. We also saw the Lioness roar and the snow leopards chasing each other! He is so much fun at the zoo. He got excited to see the fish, goats, ducks, and monkeys - all some of his favorites! It is so neat to see him recognize the various animals and say their names or make animal sounds.

After the zoo, daddy and I decided to treat Liam to dinner at Clara's. This restaurant is located in an old train depot and has a train car that you can dine in. We thought that Liam would get areal kick out of being on the train, and we were right.

After we came home, Liam worked on learning how to peddle his tricycle. Daddy helped him in the driveway. He is starting to get it...maybe in another month he might be peddling his way around.

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