Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Zoo Night

Tonight was the annual members only night at the zoo. We were expecting a crowd, but it wasn't that busy this year. Which was pretty nice, because we were able to enjoy the rides and animals better. Our first stop was a bouncy-house. Liam was hesitant at first, as he was the only child there, but daddy talked me into getting in too and soon Liam was having a ball. We next headed to the ponies, who were offering free rides today. Liam was so, so excited to ride a pony. We hadn't tried it yet, mostly because we weren't sure he was ready to do it...he is afraid of the mechanical horses at Meijer. But he wasn't at all afraid of the the real, live horse. He loved his pony, called Fox, so well that he cried when it was time to leave him and let another child ride.

But he was soon distracted by petting goats and chasing chickens in the farmyard. After that, we checked out the big cats. Soon we were at the picnic area, where they were serving hot dogs, chips, and juice. Liam didn't care for the hog dog, but gobbled down chips - we never eat those in our house. Once we ate our grub, we headed over to the bird and reptile house. Liam likes the snakes and spent most of his time looking at them. We also went to see the penguins up close. Liam was very excited and wanted to pet them. On our way out, we stopped by to see the ponies once more. Liam got to take another ride on Fox. We also stopped at the zoo shop, which was offering a discount to members. Liam picked out a little penguin stuffed animal to take home. We love our zoo, even of it is small.

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